Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder takes a myriad of data sources (from the weather, the time of year, promotional activity etc) and using artificial intelligence predicts with an extraordinary degree of accuracy what the demand will be for every single product in a supermarket - that’s around 50,000!
The challenge was to help Blue Yonder better engage with retailers, who tend to only want to deal with other retailers and are suspicious of anybody from outside their industry - let alone a bunch of data scientists! So we stopped focusing on the science and starting focusing on the problems the science could solve. Don’t say how it’s done, say what it will do! We also re-developed the brand and marketing materials (web site, brochures etc) to reflect the retail world - for it to feel like it’s part fabric of retail through its choice of language, imagery and identity.

And it worked! The first integrated demand generation campaign over-delivered by 400%!