Brand Strategy

Cicatelli Associates Inc. (CAI) is a multi million dollar organisation based in New York that designs and delivers training to health and social service providers across the world. Founded by Barbara Cicatelli thirty years ago, it’s focus is very much on changing the lives of the vulnerable and under served populations particularly around HIV service programmes.

Mission Brand was brought in to help the organisation evolve its brand beyond the founder, to equip it to succeed for the next thirty years. The BrandPrint process identified ‘change’ as a key component of the brand and used that insight to deliver a more relevant brand strategy that included a new expression of the name: Change And Inspiration (CAI). This traded on its heritage but provided a more relevant expression of the value the brand delivers its customers. This brand strategy then guided a complete re design of every aspect of the brand for identity to the interior design of their offices.

Hampstead Tea is a very successful premium black, green and herbal tea brand sold everywhere from New York to Melbourne. Mission Brand was commissioned to help solve a unique problem - the brand’s main point of difference is also its main problem, namely all its tea is grown using biodynamic agriculture, a term not widely used or understood.

By establishing the relationship between the nutrient rich soil of bio dynamic agriculture and the resulting healthier (and so better tasting) tea bush the benefit to the drinker was made relevant. That insight was wrapped up in a brand strategy around ‘enrichment’ that formed the basis of a revitalised set of packaging that directly supported the brand’s European expansion.