Client Feedback


Bruce worked with the management team to develop a brand strategy that enabled Blue Yonder to focus on the retail sector as a target market. He then managed the implementation of that brand strategy across our marketing communications programme as well as managing the marketing department through the transition period. He also worked closely with the sales team in the development of key messaging whose aim was to better define the benefits to retailers of solutions driven by artificial intelligence.

He was a guest at our Head office in Karlsruhe Germany for close to a year and brought with him a keen strategic vision and a spirit of collaboration and encouragement. We are grateful for his contribution to our business and wish him well.
Uwe Weiss, CEO, Blue Yonder

Throughout his time with us, Bruce has acted with enthusiasm, creativity, integrity and given his all. He was able to deliver an increase of 97% in inbound leads as well as dramatically increase the market profile of our new data centre. I would thoroughly recommend working with Bruce for his breadth of experience, insight, interpersonal skills and energy.  
Andrew Fray, Director, Telehouse 

Bruce worked with the World Fair Trade Organization in shaping the overarching theme and tagline for World Fair Trade Day 2015/16/17. He also worked on a set of key messages and a high level exploration of publicity activities that members and regions could engage in to bring the day to life. His input was crucial in finding a theme that would be differentiating and authentic to fair trade producers and artisans. Thanks Bruce, we very much appreciate your support.
Natalia Leal, Chief Executive, World Fair Trade Organization

I suppose the most striking thing about Bruce is his capacity to listen. He was able to take what's in the culture of Hampstead Tea - the way we do things here - and develop a strategy that has become a powerful tool in helping us evolve our brand.
Kiran Tawadey, Founder, Hampstead Tea, London

Mission Brand ‘get us’ better than anyone else we have worked with in the brand, marketing and strategy context in the past. Bruce brought up key priorities that many of us carry around but have struggled to articulate and put into action.
Austin Anderson, Director of Coffee, Just Us! Coffee Roasters

Bruce was able to take what is at the heart of our organization and develop a brand strategy that has become an incredibly powerful tool for us all, helping us shape our brand and our business. 
Sarah Acer, Director of Communications, CAI
All who meet and get to know Bruce are very taken with his drive, his ability to ‘deliver the goods’ at a perfect pitch and at great quality and care. His degree of modesty is highly unusual in his line of work - as is his habit of ‘putting his money where his mouth is’. It continues to be a real pleasure to work with Bruce
Christine Longden, Director, Not Just a Trading Company 

Bruce is the kind of person who brings out the best in others. With his heartfelt attentiveness, genuine warmth and a slight touch of insanity to keep things interesting. I have gained a lot from our work together, not least the re-ignition of my passion, which is worth more than gold. 
Dean Cycon, CEO and Founder, Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Company
Mission Brand's brand audit was extremely helpful to our organization. We had gathered lots of information and feedback from multiple constituents but still didn't have a clear direction for our brand. Bruce provided us with some great insights and tools for moving forward with a rebranding all without any expectation of being hired.

Anne Seuferer, Communications Director, Practical Farmers of Iowa

Working with Mission Brand on our company re-brand has been a very positive experience for us. We've not only found a new brand, logo and messaging that we love but, in the process, we've come to better understand and appreciate what matters to us as a business and as a team in terms of our ethos and values. 
Ian Agnew, CEO, Digital Outreach Ltd

In a stable business like ours, taking time out to review our image and message is easily ignored. Bruce inspired me to revisit areas that I could have become complacent about. This has been utterly invaluable, ensuring that our message is clear, not only to our customers but to the team. It has undoubtedly been an extremely positive experience.
Geetie Singh, Founder, Duke of Cambridge organic gastropub

Bruce worked with us last year on a brand audit. We found the process very engaging and the results demonstrated a keen ear and an insightful mind. Any firm wanting to see how well their brand represents the heart of their business should consider it.
CatieCallender, COO, Crabtree and Evelyn

We greatly value Bruce’s unfailing optimism and his genuine belief in the vision and mission of the Oromo Coffee Company. He is, voluntarily, opening up new markets for our coffee products whilst also promoting our dream of developing a thriving business which not only provides job and training opportunities, but which also leads to the integration of Oromia people in the UK. Thank you Bruce, a friend indeed. 
Abiyot Shiferaw, Company Secretary. Teshome Chalchisa, Chairman. Oromo Coffee Company

Bruce has helped us to completely rethink how we present the annual Pilgrimage of St Alban. Whilst we thought we were simply looking to refresh its image, Bruce has taken us much further in revisiting what it is that we are really celebrating and how we can find fresh ways of communicating this to a much wider audience. What has come through in this project is Bruce’s energy, vision and flair for articulating what he has heard from us, and then the ability to translate this into workable solutions.
The Revd Dr Kevin Walton, Canon Chancellor, the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban