Mission Brand has a process that can suit different client sizes and budgets. The Brand Arrow workshop delivers a brand strategy in a single to day, while Brand IDEA is designed for larger or multi site teams and allows for deep one-on one engagement with key stakeholders.



A one day workshop, aimed at smaller teams and start-ups seeking clear direction and definition of their brand offer. 

Working with a 3 metre wall chart, the workshop develops and delivers  a brand strategy that follows the Brand Arrow Framework. Collaborative in development yet directional in delivery the Brand Arrow workshop will identify the

following six key building blocks:


1: VISION  Defining your destination - where you are headed     


2: POSITIONING  Describing the essence of your organization 


3: PROPOSITION  Communicating that essence to your audiences   


4: VALUES  Capturing your character in six words

5: AUDIENCE  Defining who to, and who not to, engage with


6: KEY MESSAGING  Creating the most powerful hierarchy of messages

After the day your team will have all it needs to ensure that all sales and marketing will have the maximum impact because each element will be working together to fire your brand into the hearts of your audience.

To explore how a Brand Arrow workshop would work for you and your team, drop Bruce a line here.



"Extremely inclusive, allowed everyone to have a voice, feel comfortable in their opinions and come to a brand strategy that everyone was happy with."


"Unravelled our inner identity and helped us to discover who we are and who we want to be in the future."

"Really informative, engaging and enjoyable experience. The Brand Arrow workshop helped to give clarity across the whole company."



(Every reader of 'What’s Your Point?’ can download a copy of the Brand Arrow Workshop chart by using the ISBN code found on the second page of the book as the password.)




Used in over 50 client engagements over 10 years, the Brand IDEA process is designed for larger - 30 plus  - more complex organisations with a global or multi site leadership team, with a wide diversity of leadership direction and the need for deeper one-on one engagement.





Brand IDEA usually takes between 10 to 18 consulting days over a 4-6 week period with the following deliverables contained in a 5,000 word Brand Strategy report.

1: SECTOR  Distilling the sector needs, themes and future trends

2: VISION   Your destination - the barriers and drivers to reaching it 


3: POSITIONING  Describing the essence of your organization   


4: PROPOSITION  Communicating that essence to your audiences   


5: VALUES  Capturing your character in six words

6: AUDIENCE  Defining who to, and who not to, engage with 

7: KEY MESSAGING  Creating the most powerful hierarchy of messages

8: COMMUNICATIONS BRIEF  For the internal team and the external agencies

To find out if the Brand IDEA would be the right fit for your team,  drop Bruce a line here.


"Bruce brought with him a keen strategic vision and a spirit of collaboration and encouragement. We are grateful for his contribution to our business and wish him well."

Uwe Weiss, CEO, Blue Yonder


Mission Brand delivered a brand strategy that has shaped how we communicate with our customers, but, it was the way Bruce engaged with us that was actually more influential because it created space for the whole global network to work together to create a strategy that we all own and are proud of.

​Rick Seabrook, Managing Director, Europe. 


"The most striking thing about Bruce is his capacity to listen. He was able to take what's in the culture of Hampstead Tea and develop a brand strategy that has become a powerful tool in helping us evolve our brand."

Kiran Tawadey, Founder, Hampstead Tea, London