Key Messaging

The Oromo Coffee Company provides high quality organic and fair trade coffee from cooperatives in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Owned and managed by a group of political refugees, it is the first ever community owned direct trading coffee business. The challenge for Mission Brand was to deliver sales volume but without the funds to support a consumer marketing campaign.

Mission Brand developed a food service sales strategy and messaging that required a high investment of time (something the team had) to engage with food service managers but with little financial investment required once the account was secured. This strategy has directly delivered to Oromo its biggest customer to date, a chain of 15 cafes in central London that has increased sales turnover by 500%.

Dividend Max is a new, unique financial tool that uses future dividend values as a high yield alternative to interest rate savings and bonds. So new in fact that its challenge was to find a way to quickly engage prospective financial advisors and analysts to the advantages of Dividend Max in a relevant and concise way.

Using the BrandPrint tool a hierarchy of core messages was developed and then tested prior to a telephone lead generating campaign using Mission Brand’s partner AQL . As a direct result of the sales message hierarchy six months after the sales strategy was implemented Dividend Max secured its first large partner to carry the service.